Our pedagogy: Be-U

Be-U is a personal and professional support system created by KEDGE Business School for its students. Developed and enhanced since 2004, our cross-functional system is recognised as an international best practice by EQUIS and AACBS accreditors.

It's good to be-U

Professional and personal development at KEDGE

KEDGE's main objective is to foster its students' skills and employability growth.

Practically, Be-U supports students all along their journey at KEDGE, based on three pillars:

  • Being: self-awareness, shaping one's professional project in line with their values and aspirations;
  • Living: practical application of one's skills in a real setting, through the Pro-Acts and several field experiences in businesses;
  • Becoming: develop and initiate one's professional project.

Be-U pedagogy

Be-U relies on three actors at KEDGE:

  • Career Centre:
    • Designs and coordinates courses and workshops about self-awareness, shaping one's professional project, Leadership Skills, tools for internship/job search process;
    • Offers personal coaching;
    • Engages in the organisation of meetings between companies/recruiters and students: MyWay days, business forums and job datings.
  • Learning by Doing service:
    • Coordinates the School's associative life and supervises the Pro-Acts (Action Projects);
    • Allows students to practice their technical skills (e.g. soft skills) through the management of real, formalized and ambitious projects (at least 4 months, up until the total duration of their studies);
    • Offers a follow through for project management thanks to its coaching teams: definition of the project and its objectives, follow-up, final evaluation.
  • Training programmes:
    • Build courses and tracks offer;
    • Advise students on the development of their academic journey through appointments with educational advisors: specialisation choices, dual degrees...

True backbone of our students' education, Be-U is mandatory for graduation, via the Career Centre courses, the validation of one or several Pro-Act(s), and the Be-U defence.

The Be-U platform

To help our students develop their soft skills and enhance the value of their experience and commitments, KEDGE has developed a unique digital tool: the Be-U platform
The Be-U platform helps our students promote their personal and professional development by enabling them to:

  • Develop their soft skills,
  • Identify the skills mobilized and developed by carrying out their projects (Pro-Acts, internships, work placements, etc.), self-assess and be assessed on these skills,
  • Valuing their experiences and commitments on their Be-U profile, containing KEDGE certifications.

The Be-U Talent Directory

On the Be-U platform, KEDGE offers its corporate partners a new way to source their future employees by taking into account the level of mastery of soft skills.

The Be-U Talent Directory allows recruiters to refine their search thanks to advanced filters: availability status, training, majors, certificates, commitments, level of study, but also level of mastery by family of soft skills, and preferred professional fields in particular.