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Our pedagogy: Be-U

Be-U is a personal and professional support system created by KEDGE Business School for its students. Developed and enhanced since 2004, our cross-functional system is recognised as an international best practice by EQUIS and AACBS accreditors.

Professional and personal development at KEDGE

KEDGE's main objective is to foster its students' skills and employability growth.

Practically, Be-U supports students all along their journey at KEDGE, based on three pillars:

  • Being: self-awareness, shaping one's professional project in line with their values and aspirations;
  • Living: practical application of one's skills in a real setting, through the Pro-Acts and several field experiences in businesses;
  • Becoming: develop and initiate one's professional project.

Be-U pedagogy

Be-U relies on three actors at KEDGE:

  • Career Centre:
    • Designs and coordinates courses and workshops about self-awareness, shaping one's professional project, Leadership Skills, tools for internship/job search process;
    • Offers personal coaching;
    • Engages in the organisation of meetings between companies/recruiters and students: MyWay days, business forums and job datings.
  • Learning by Doing service:
    • Coordinates the School's associative life and supervises the Pro-Acts (Action Projects);
    • Allows students to practice their technical skills (e.g. soft skills) through the management of real, formalized and ambitious projects (at least 4 months, up until the total duration of their studies);
    • Offers a follow through for project management thanks to its coaching teams: definition of the project and its objectives, follow-up, final evaluation.
  • Training programmes:
    • Build courses and tracks offer;
    • Advise students on the development of their academic journey through appointments with educational advisors: specialisation choices, dual degrees...

True backbone of our students' education, Be-U is mandatory for graduation, via the Career Centre courses, the validation of one or several Pro-Act(s), and the Be-U defence.

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