Employ our talents: internships, work-study contracts, V.I.E, fixed-term or permanent contracts

Every year, KEDGE trains thousands of skilled talents, ready to join and enhance the teams of your business. Whether you are looking for resources in an internship, a work-study contract, or a fixed-term or permanent contract, our teams will assist you to ensure a successful recruitment.


Employing an intern

At KEDGE, internships are a mandatory part of the students’ curriculum. It means that every student is required to complete one or several internships throughout its studies, at specific periods during the year.

Employing a student-worker

In the last few years, the number of work-study contracts has doubled at KEDGE, mainly owing to the creation of its own CFA (Centre de Formation d’Apprentis) and a fruitful Enterprise Relationship policy. The importance given to work-study contracts is due to one of our main certainty: learning by doing is the way to go!

Fixed-term, permanent contracts and V.I.E (International Volunteering in Enterprise) 

Once they have graduated, KEDGE students are still supported by KEDGE Alumni, our network of former students, tasked with offering them a maximum of opportunities. Our graduates are skilled talents, from general programs, or from specialized ones to better suit your needs.