The future belongs to youth: allocate your 2022 apprenticeship tax to KEDGE Business School

4 good reasons to allocate your apprenticeship tax to KEDGE 

  • 7,000 internships and 2,500 work-study students per year
  • 12,000 hours of coaching and 3,500 hours dedicated to personal development
  • Be-U: KEDGE personal and professional guidance scheme for students​​​​​​
  • 150 corporate conferences and 5 forums

  • Learning by doing to enable the students to adapt better
  • 1,500 Pro-Acts projects carried out by more than 500 students every year
  • A management programme to step into the shoes of a business owner
  • Transdisciplinary Open innovation which sees over 110 missions in a professional environment every year
  • Forbes’ top 10 schools for entrepreneurs: 4 incubators including one 100% digital

  • Support programme (KAP) to remove the financial and social obstacles that limit access to higher education
  • 40 collaborators as part of the Handikap network within the campus
  • 4 million in scholarships paid to 1,500 students
  • An entrepreneurial school dedicated to students from disadvantaged background

  • A community of more than 70,000 graduates across the world
  • 45 career support programmes
  • A job-board to recruit experienced profiles
  • 200 events organised each year in France and abroad​​​​​​

How to pay my apprenticeship tax?

Service Taxe apprentissage
Address : Domaine de Luminy
BP 921 - 13288 Marseille cedex 9

You can pay via bank transfer using the bank details below:

Télécharger le RIB

Image ronde de christophe mouysset

Christophe Mouysset, Business Relations Director

‘KEDGE BS is an original school with a teaching approach bringing together action, theory and expertise. The school transforms performance into economic, social and environmental impacts while respecting communal interests. We train entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and put together excellence and inclusion. As such, more than 60% of our graduate students (BAC+5) have done an apprenticeship and 1,500  are beneficiaries of scholarships. KEDGE BS is a demanding school, open to all and for all, where we teach to make an impact through experiences, where we value successes as much as failures.’

Awarded best corporate relationships 2021 by AGIRES Synergy

KEDGE won 5 prestigious prizes among the 5 trophies awarded by the AGIRES Synergy Association, including ' Best Corporate Relations' trophy. A new recognition which sets us apart and proves the ability of our school to ensure the employability of our students and graduates, even in times of crisis.

To know more

KEDGE highlights its students' satisfaction

80% of KEDGE graduates express satisfaction with their first employment and agree the support received is in line with businesses and students alike.