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Each year, KEDGE trains numerous students within its general and specialised programmes. Whether you are looking for a versatile profile, or talents with more specific skills, you will easily find the ideal candidate within our students and graduates.

Our general programmes

Each year, KEDGE trains skilled and versatile profiles through its programmes, so that every student is able to enter the labour market readily.

KEDGE’s Bachelor in Management is a general Bac+3 programme certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It allows students to acquire a strong understanding of management practices, to live 6 months in a foreign country, and to gain field experience before their graduation.​​​​​

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KEDGE’s EPB International programme lasts 5 years and offers up to 6 countries, 3 diplomas, and the mastery of 3 languages. Ranked as one of the best postgraduate programmes, this Bac+5 allows students to accumulate one year and a half of work experience and to choose between four specialisations in their fifth year. The EPB International programme enhances employability of its students, since 60% of them find a work position before their graduation.

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KEDGE’s International BBA offers at least two years in a foreign country and a year of work experience. Thanks to its professionalising aspect and numerous specialisations, this Bac+4 allows our students to get a work position in the management field under 6 months after their graduation.

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KEDGE’s “Grande Ecole” programme is adaptive and personalised. This master is built around entrepreneurship: students play an active role in their training and career in an international context. Upon graduation, 95% of the students find a work position under 4 months.

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For over 30 years, our business engineer training programme aims at providing high-level skills in trade and management to scientific and technologic profiles, especially in business strategy and innovative projects’ management. The programme grants access to every business engineering functions: business growth, project management, B to B marketing, industrial acquisitions, change management.

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Our specialised programmes

KEDGE is well-known for its qualitative specialised programmes, granting our students and graduates with the ability to bring a true expertise to businesses in key domains, such as Acquisitions, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, or Wines and Spirits.

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