Train and reinforce your teams

For more than 30 years, KEDGE Executive Education has been supporting you in the management of your talents.

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Beyond our know-how in Management, the School has cutting-edge expertise in the functions of the supply chain, acquisitions, QSE (Quality, Security, Environment), sales, but also in sectors such as health and social work, or business finance.

Thus, we can offer you global and cross-functional support systems able to meet your specific needs for the development of your organisation.

All of our training programmes are designed to be compatible with your activities: pace, multisupport and multimodal pedagogy (in-person, remote, or blended learning).

Our teams are available to guide you in your project.

Do you wish to be advised about upskilling* or reskilling**, for one or several of your colleagues?

We provide tailor-made offers, to best suit your needs. Based on our degrees, themselves divided in “skills blocks”, we can help your collaborators to:

  • Upgrade their skills in specific domains with our short and certifying programmes;
  • Develop new skills for a new work position, a career development, or a professional reorientation, with complete and/or personalised training programmes, based on our degrees.

Discover our offer of short and certifying programmes

They allow to update, strengthen or develop efficiently one’s knowledge. They are based on our degrees. Some grant an RNCP skill block and are rewarded with a KEDGE certificate, which makes them eligible for a CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) funding.

Our areas of focus include:


Discover our offer of diploma programmes

They focus on global or operational management, as well as the management of specific buoyant sectors. They lead to the obtention of a recognised diploma (MBA, Mastères Spécilisés®, State diploma, RNCP Title…).

Executive MBA

This training programme, aimed at high potential executives and managers, awards a prestigious business management degree. It is strongly valued internationally and perfectly synergistic with the needs of the business world.

General training programmes

This continuous education programme is aimed at working professionals wishing to enhance their skills to develop a global strategic vision of the Business and acquire efficient management practices.

Specialised training programmes

Created at the behest of the sector's industries, the programme strives to confer dual skills in management and innovation to scientists, doctors, pharmacists and engineers led to manage a service or business in the healthcare industry (Big Pharma, Biotechs, E-Healthcare…).

This programme focuses on high-level specialised management to innovate, support change, and administer activities within a healthcare organisation, ensuring ethical and entrepreneurial performance.

Created in 1984, ISLI is the oldest and most thorough European training programme in Logistic and Global Supply Chain Management. By joining it, you will gain valued expertise that will strongly enhance your career opportunities.

Relying on 40 years of expertise in initial education, KEDGE’s MAI is the worldwide leader in the training of a new generation of buyers. By following the programme, you will join a network of more than 4000 graduates, the biggest community of Acquisition Managers in Europe.

KEDGE and AFNOR Compétences offer this continuous education programme on Paris’s campus. It is specifically designed for managers and executives wishing to strengthen their skills, evolve, or undertake a career change in QSE systems.

This highly professionalising training programme is aimed at professionals wishing to specialise in payroll and human resources functions. It is offered by CCI France and recognized by experts in the sector.

Preparatory classes for the Chartered Accounting track

Available in continuous education, professional training contract or initial education, this technical and theoretical training is complemented by the mastery of all the skills and professional behaviours necessary for a swift and successful entry in the labour market. Completing DCG training grants access to the second level of the track, the DSCG.

Available in continuous education, this technical and theoretical training is complemented by the mastery of all the skills and professional behaviours necessary for a swift and successful entry in the labour market. Completing DSCG training grants access to the last level of the track, the DEC.

It is the last step of the Chartered Accounting track. Available in continuous education, you will acquire technical and theoretical knowledge, as well as the inherent managerial skills to be a chartered accountant or a financial controller.


*Upskilling refers to the enhancement of already existing skills to allow for continuation of the same work position – or in the same sector of activity – in a changing context.

**Reskilling refers to the acquisition of new skills for the purpose of a career change.

Do you wish to be advised about a needed strategic or operational transformation?

Do you need help to face the different transitions:

  • Digital transition
  • Work organisation transition (telecommuting, remote management, enhancing flexibility…)
  • Transition toward carbon-free activities…?

Do you wish to conduct business transformations or a development project?

Do you need advice and support about a specific issue?

Our teams (business engineers, educational engineers, experts…) design with you tailor-made support systems for skills’ development and transformation of business practices.

Our tailor-made intracompany systems

We offer several tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs:

  • Training management and financial engineering
  • Counselling services
  • Educational engineering support
  • Implementation of the training solutions and follow-up

Our advisers are available to discuss your projects.


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