Corporate citizenship award: KEDGE partners with EASYBOURSE

KEDGE is a partner in the "Publicly Listed Corporate Citizen Award" competition organised by EasyBourse, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale.

EasyBourse launches the "Publicly Listed Corporate Citizen Award"

 EasyBourse has launched its first annual Publicly Listed Corporate Citizen Award.

Of the sixteen companies shortlisted, twelve were keen to showcase their pioneering and historic sustainability initiatives that go beyond the strict regulatory requirements.

The Publicly Listed Corporate Citizen Award aims to raise awareness of bold, structuring, impactful and sustainable initiatives to be deployed in companies around three major themes:

  • Energy transition
  • Social inclusion
  • Regional development 

The range of sectors represented and the variety of solutions imagined are intended to be sources of inspiration for good practice that will encourage a fair transition that benefits all, the guiding principle of our civic commitment.

A public prize is open until 31 October 2022. You can vote now by 
clicking here 

A jury prize will be organised on 11 October and a prize ceremony will take place in Paris on 6 December from 7pm to 9pm. 


The goals of the companies competing for this Corporate Citizenship Award are all linked in some way to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Energy transition, social inclusion and regional development are major issues for the companies competing for the Corporate Citizen Award, but they are also important issues for KEDGE, as part of its KEDGE Impakt strategy. It is in this context that KEDGE is associated with this competition organised by Easybourse and the Banque Postale, the school's partner.