Work-study at KEDGE

Submit a work-study offer

Please call us if you need any information: 04 91 82 79 34 or 05 56 84 22 06.

Benefits and regulations of work-study

Employing through work-study allows to train young talents to foster their growth, witness their evolution in the company, and invest in their potential.

Our work-study programmes

Most of KEDGE's programmes are available for work-study, since we are convinced that learning by doing is the best approach for our students' future careers.

KEDGE's Centre de Formation des Apprentis (CFA)

Our CFA's objective is to offer qualitative tracks and ensure excellency.

Our training programmes are certified by Qualiopi

KEDGE is one of the first higher education institution to be certified by Qualiopi, the new certification brand for the quality of training programmes providers.